David Gray of Dreamland Comics in Libertyville, Illinois writes in and provides his thoughts on ComicsPro retailer members being able to sell Marvel's Formic Wars: Burning Earth #1 early (see "ComicsPro Retailers Get Early Release").

I don't understand why I have to be a member of ComicsPro to be able to take advantage of the early release of Ender's Game--Formic Wars: Burning Earth #1.  Why do the members get special treatment?  I thought ComicsPro was supposed to be an advocate for all retailers not just a select few paying members.  Also, I don't see this listed under the membership benefits and I certainly don't see how this fits in with the goals of the organization.  If you're going to get a publisher to allow the early release of a book, make it so all retailers can participate in the event.  Now, that would have fit in under the goals of the organization.

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