Mark Millar is returning to the world of Kick-Ass. In the new series, which is moving from Marvel’s Icon imprint to Image Comics, Dave Lizewski passes the green and yellow mantle of Kick-Ass to Patience Lee, a 30-something black military veteran and mother of two, reveals Entertainment Weekly.  John Romita Jr. (Dark Nights: Metal) returns to draw the new series, which bows on February 14 and marks the ten-year anniversary of Millar’s singular creation.

Millar teased the new story in 2016 (see "Mark Millar Returns to 'Kick-Ass''"), and he has been focused on several projects in the last year or so, such as Netflix’s acquisition of Millarworld (see "Mark Millar's 'Millarworld' Acquired by Netflix") and a new Kingsman series (see "'Kingsman" Moves to Image").  Kick-Ass and Kingsman, both of which have spawned hit movie franchises, aren’t part of the Netflix deal. Millar’s first comic under the Netflix umbrella, The Magic Order, is due in Spring 2018 (see "Mark Millar Brings 'Order' to Netflix").