John Romita Jr. will come back to Marvel Comics in July to provide art for some of their iconic characters and titles.

Romita Jr. is one of the most recognized Marvel artists of all-time. His first contribution to Marvel Comics was at age 13 when he created the Prowler for Amazing Spider-Man #78 in 1969. Since then, he's had a storybook career in the comics industry, providing artwork for titles like Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, The PunisherWar Zone, and Daredevil. He also collaborated with Neil Gaiman on a reinvention of Jack Kirby's Eternals in 2006 (see "'EW' Touts 'The Eternals,' 'Rocketo'") and with Mark Millar on Kick-Ass which was released adapted to the big screen (see "'Kick-Ass' Gets a Date").  

In 2013, Romita Jr. made a move to DC Comics after working for Marvel Comics almost his entire life (see "Romita Moving to DC"). DC Comics shook up their staff (see "DC Implosion - Major Staff Cuts") and switched up talent in 2020 (see "Brian Michael Bendis Teases His Takeover of 'Justice League' on Instagram"). It is unclear as whether or not some of these changes may have inadvertently led Romita Jr. back home to the stable and familiar Marvel Universe.