Plaid Hat Games will launch Freelancers, a new campaign game in its Crossroads line, at Gen Con in August, the company announced.  The game is a follow-up to pirate campaign game Forgotten Waters, which Plaid Hat released in 2020 (see "’Forgotten Waters’").  Freelancers is designed by Plaid Hat’s Donald Shults, with art by Skullboy (Sam Mameli) and Allison Carl.

In Freelancers, players can condense a fantasy RPG campaign experience into a single night, with a companion app does the storytelling and eliminates the need for a game master.  Players can create characters and travel to colorful locations while collecting titles, and become a legend, if lucky enough.  Freelancers allows games to play through multiple stories in a world of magic, monsters, and murder.

Freelancers is for 3-7 players, ages 14 and up, and takes 90+ minutes to play. MSRP was not announced.

Plaid Hat Games launched its Crossroads line, in which the games focus on a group of survivors’ ability to work together and stay alive in crisis situations while facing challenged from both the outside and inside, in 2013 with Dead of Winter (see "Plaid Hat’s New Line: ‘Crossroads’").

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