Asmodee North America revealed Forgotten Waters, a new pirate campaign game by Plaid Hat Games, which will come out in the second half of 2020.

Forgotten Waters is a cooperative game where players take on the roles of pirates exploring the seas. Their goal is to rack up the best bounty possible, and defeat any monsters that cross their path. It is a campaign-style game where the pirates keep track of their own accomplishments in a character log, and the newest game in the Plaid Hat Storybook lineup. There is also a free web app that provides scenarios and crossroads moments to speed up game management.

The game box contains a rulebook, a location book, a pad of Ship Log sheets, a pad of Player Sheets, a map board, 6 player boards, 8 standees, 7 d12 dice, 204 mini-sized cards, and 143 tokens and markers. This is game is for three to seven players, ages 14 and up, plays in 120 to 240 minutes, and will retail for $59.99.  

Asmodee NA also revealed that Catan Studios will release anniversary and 3D versions of Catan (see "Two New Versions of 'Catan' for Game's 25th Anniversary").

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