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Smash Hits and Sleepers
September 08, 2019
Two-month sales of the second Adventure Zone volume are still quite a bit higher than they were for the first volume.
Studio71 Announces Trade Release of 'Half Truth'
September 04, 2019
Studio71 has announced the trade release of Half Truth , created by Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings.
After New Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
September 03, 2019
Dark Horse Comics has canceled the upcoming eight-issue series after new sexual conduct allegations regarding writer Brian Wood.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
September 03, 2019
In today's crowded field of awards, we see lots of distinctions being made on the basis of stuff that doesn't really matter, or used to matter but doesn't anymore.
Dark Horse to Publish Graphic Novel of First-Person Accounts
August 28, 2019
Dark Horse Comics will publish the first-person accounts in graphic novel form next Spring.
Holiday Horror by Mignola and Hughes
August 27, 2019
Dark Horse Comics will release a holiday one-shot written by Mike Mignola, with art by Adam Hughes.
'Stranger Things,' 'Zelda,' 'The Adventure Zone' Top the Charts
August 19, 2019
There's a lot to look at and interesting comparisons with the Diamond chart.
'The Adventure Zone' Saves July
August 19, 2019
The actual sales numbers add context to the charts of the Top 20 Superhero, Manga, and Author Graphic Novels in the book channel.
Where Have All the Superheroes Gone?
August 13, 2019
There are no traditional superhero titles on the list of the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels in the book channel.
Everyone's in the Zone
August 13, 2019
The latest volume of The Adventure Zone sold over 10 times as many copies in the book channel as in comic stores.
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