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Greg Goldstein Steps Down
December 10, 2018
Chris Ryall is returning to IDW as President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer, as Greg Goldstein steps down from the positions of President and Publisher.
'Legendary,' Trading Cards on Deck
November 27, 2018
Upper Deck will produce trading cards and trading card games based on the James Bond movies under a new license.
'Boss Monster' Back on Top
November 20, 2018
Boss Monster was #1 for Summer, behind the release of its new expansion Rise of the Minibosses.
'Crossover Volume 1' to Close 2018
November 08, 2018
The last expansion set for Upper Deck's Vs System in 2018 will be the Crossover Volume 1 issue.
Small Box Expansion
October 30, 2018
Upper Deck will release Legendary: Venom a small box expansion for its Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Game.
As Company's Multi-Media Trading Card Games Expand
October 24, 2018
PlayFusion is growing its North American team as demand for its two multi-media trading card games continues to grow.
In 'The Buffy Battles 2PCG'
October 12, 2018
The iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show will be featured in a new VS System 2PCG set, The Buffy Battles , which Upper Deck will release on November 14.
In 'Legendary: Ant-Man Expansion'
October 11, 2018
The Legendary: Ant-Man Expansion will release on November 7.
At Conventions and Shows
September 28, 2018
Upper Deck has partnered with Cascade Games LLC to expand organized play events for its Vs. System 2PCG.
Climax of the 'Great Power Arc'
August 29, 2018
Upper Deck has shared information and card previews for Vs. System 2PCG: The New Defenders Issue Pack.
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