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Big Jumps in Events for Core and Advanced Levels
December 09, 2015
WotC has tightened its requirements for the two most common tiers of its Wizards Play Network organized play program, dramatically increasing the total event requirements for its Core and Advanced level stores.
The Market, 'Dungeons and Dragons'
November 19, 2015
In Part 1 of our two-part interview, we discuss the overall market for hobby games and WotC’s Dungeons and Dragons brand.
'Magic,' Avalon Hill, Movies, 2016 , Fat Packs
November 19, 2015
We talk about Magic: The Gathering , Kaijudo , Avalon Hill, movies and TV, 2016, and Fat Packs
Gallery of Five New Enemy Commanders
November 09, 2015
WotC has released full decklists and images for Magic: The Gathering-Commander (2015).
Column by Scott Thorne
November 08, 2015
This week, Thorne discusses a packaging issue, and the importance of an off-hand comment.
Column by Scott Thorne
November 02, 2015
This week, Thorne looks at the use of publicity in the games business, and the new Magic: The Gathering block.
Column by Scott Thorne
October 11, 2015
This week, Thorne looks at comments on his last column, and suggests ways WotC and Green Ronin could have avoided leaving money on the table.
'Disgust should be diverted to the real source of the problem…'
October 05, 2015
Daniel Urazandi of Bizarro World comments on Battle for Zendikar Fat Packs shortages.
Column by Scott Thorne
October 04, 2015
This week, Thorne talks about what's happening with the latest Magic: The Gathering release, especially the Fat Packs .
Column by Scott Thorne
September 20, 2015
This week, Thorne shares the answers to his questions from the Alliance Open House.
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