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A Collection Fit for a Barbarian King
July 30, 2018
Dark Horse Comics is assembling a vast hoard of Conan the Barbarian one-shots, short stories, and miniseries.
'Dark Nights: Metal,' 'My Hero Academia' Rule the Charts
July 25, 2018
DC's Dark Nights: Metal properties took three of the top five slots in the June 2018 chart of the top 20 bestselling superhero graphic novels in the book channel.
The Power of Teens
July 25, 2018
What this chart really shows is the power of the teen dollar.
Coming to Dark Horse Comics
July 23, 2018
Dark Horse announced several interesting licensed titles at San Diego Comic-Con, and we round them up here.
Female Creators & Kids Comics Honored
July 21, 2018
Two trends that have been growing steadily during this new century, the strong steady growth in comics for young readers, and the increasing importance of female creators, were on full display at the 2018 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Ceremony.
In 'TMNT' Miniseries
July 19, 2018
IDW is sending Shredder to hell in a new a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle miniseries.
New Series for Wakanda’s Genius Princess
July 18, 2018
Shuri, the smartest person in Wakanda and sister to the missing Black Panther, is getting her own series from Marvel.
From Berger Books
July 17, 2018
Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, Dark Horse has announced a new release from G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward under the Berger Books banner.
Marking 25 Years of Hellboy
July 16, 2018
Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, Dark Horse announced new titles set in the Hellboy universe, each co-written by creator Mike Mignola.
From R. Talsorian Games
July 13, 2018
R Talsorian Games, Inc. and CDPR has released the final cover and release details for The Witcher Role Playing.
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