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'Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man' Artist Agrees to an Contract
October 11, 2019
Marcelo Ferreira, slated to provide art for the upcoming Morbius series, has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics.
'The Wicked + The Divine' Art Team to Produce New Space Opera
October 11, 2019
Image Comics is set to debut The Killing Horizon next year, featuring The Wicked +The Divine art team of Jaime McKelvie and Matt Wilson.
Fantasy Flight Games
October 09, 2019
Fantasy Flight Games unveiled that Ms. Marvel: Hero Pack and Ms. Marvel: Game Mat , for use with Marvel Champions: The Card Game , will land in stores in Q1.
ICv2 Stars: 4.5 (out of 5)
October 09, 2019
Here's a review of DC: Women of Action HC, published by Chronicle Books.
Geek TV Round-Up
October 07, 2019
New York Comic Con unleashed a fury of TV trailers upon the masses, and we are here to round them up!
From Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert
October 07, 2019
Marvel Comics will launch an all-new Wolverine ongoing series in February 2020.
New Look for Thor, New Identity for Iron Man, New Era for 'Star Wars'
October 06, 2019
At New York Comic Con, Marvel announced new creative teams for three superhero series and a reboot for their flagship Star Wars series that takes it into new era of the story.
Maggie Thompson Named Comics Industry Pioneer
October 06, 2019
The Harvey Awards were presented on the Saturday evening of New York Comic Con with 'Hey Kiddo' and 'Laura Dean' taking home top honors.
Booster Brick, Starter Set, Dice and Token Pack, Release Day OP Kit
October 04, 2019
WizKids will release DC Heroclix: Justice League Unlimited , a new set of miniatures for the DC Heroclix line, for retail store in April 2020.
Character Introduced in 'Captain Marvel'
October 03, 2019
Marvel will launch a series featuring Star, the new character introduced in the pages of Captain Marvel #8, in January.
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