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Column by Rob Salkowitz
April 18, 2022
This week, columnist Rob Salkowitz looks at what pundits are saying about the future of DC in the wake of parent Warner Media's merger with Discovery.
From DC Comics
April 15, 2022
Here's a preview of the multiple covers gracing Batman #125, which introduces a new creative team and story arc!
Starting with Four-Part 'Gotham Nocturne'
April 13, 2022
The first story arc for the new team is the four-part "Gotham Nocturne."
And Offers Variants with Up-Priced Tix
April 13, 2022
Fan Expo has signed Frank Miller to a three-year appearance agreement and announced a DC Comics variant program for its up-priced tickets at 2022 shows.
You've Watched the Movie, Now Read the Comics
April 13, 2022
Several of the titles on this month's Superhero chart have tie-ins to media properties.
A Good Month for Superheroes
April 13, 2022
Superhero graphic novels are usually the lowest sellers in the book channel, but March 2022 was an exception.
Collecting All Three of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Graphic Novels
April 12, 2022
The new omnibus collects all three of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Batman: Earth One graphic novels.
As Games Division Winds Down
April 12, 2022
This was the last hurrah for the games division.
In 'Compendium Edition'
April 6, 2022
DC Comics has dubbed the three-issue special a "compendium edition."
Featuring Classic Artwork by Jim Lee
April 5, 2022
Arcane Tinmen will release Batman Core Dragon Shield TCG accessories into retail.
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