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New Monthly ICv2 Feature
April 2, 2008
ICv2 is inaugurating a new feature--a monthly list of the "Top 20 Graphic Novels" sold by U.S. book retailers, provided by Nielsen BookScan.
Feline Fantasies for Kids & Adults
March 30, 2008
Dark Horse is publishing hardcover editions of four of Akiko Ikeda's Dayan novels.
UK and New Titles
January 9, 2008
IDW Publishing has launched Jonas Publishing and its imprint Worthwhile Books to publish childrens books and develop other uses for the properties.
Column by Steve Bennett
January 3, 2008
This week, Steve Bennett talks about why comic back issues are so last year.
Kid's Programming Crossing the Atlantic
December 14, 2006
Entertainment Rights has purchased Classic Media, a rights holder for children and family-friendly media properties in the U.S.
Column by Steve Bennett
November 12, 2006
This week Bennett looks at online comics as an opportunity for smaller publishers, the opportunities for comics in the magazine format, and a coda on cats.
For Spring 2007
October 2, 2006
Dark Horse plans to launch one new licensed manga title, a new OEL manga title, a great background book, and several manga repackages for early 2007.
Column by Steve Bennett
August 13, 2006
This week, Bennett says goodbye to a valued store employee, and greets a new one.
Animated & Live Action
July 24, 2006
Having successfully launched the He-Man series on DVD, BCI has announced 18 additional titles.
Children's Book & Graphic Novel
May 23, 2006
Peter Kuper, known for his work on World War III Illustrated has two new projects with mainstream publishers.
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