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Basic Info about RightStuf--the Manufacturer
February 27, 2001
Company info on this manufacturer of popular Japanese animation.
Basic Info about Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd.
February 17, 2001
Company info on this up-and-coming trading card manufacturer that produces cards based on popular sci-fi movie and TV properties.
Basic Info about Fantagraphics Books
February 16, 2001
Company info on the cutting edge publisher--celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2001.
Basic Info about Central Park Media
February 17, 2001
Company info and areas of emphasis for this leading anime manuifacturer.
Basic Info about AnimEigo, Inc.
February 17, 2001
Company info and areas of emphasis for this leading anime manuifacturer.
Show Dates March 19-22
March 8, 2001
The annual trade show of GAMA (the Game Manufacturers Association) has value not only for game retailers, but for any pop culture retailers interested in becoming a better retailer.
Wizkids Acquires Properties
February 23, 2001
After twenty years in the gaming business FASA is closing up shop. FASA is selling its BattleTech and Shadowrun properties to Wizkids L.L.C.
Are Depictions of Children Illegal if no Children Are Harmed?
January 29, 2001
The Supreme Court has decided to accept a case in which the government is attempting to restore a ban on computer-generated images of minors engaged in sexual activity.
New Series Rumored
January 23, 2001
C.B. Cebulski reports on his Fanboy Entertainment site that rumors are spreading in Tokyo that creator Naoko Takeuchi is preparing a new Sailor Moon manga and anime series.
Blackhawk To Continue
February 6, 2001
Sheila Wilson, President of Blackhawk Hobby Distributors, Ltd. announced today the sale of Blackhawk Hobby Distributors to Kim C. Kowalewski, owner and president of Tomorrow is Yesterday, Inc.
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