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Manga, Movies, and Comics Game-changers
December 14, 2009
ICv2 recently interviewed Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson. In Part 2 of our two-part interview, we talked about the manga market, Dark Horse’s movie deals, and why Watchmen wasn’t a game-changer.
Statues, Figures, Busts, & More
February 26, 2004
Dark Horse has an impressive lineup of 3D merchandise for 2004.
Sin City, Kong & Narnia Headline 2005 Merchandise
March 7, 2005
Dark Horse has an ambitious list of collector-oriented movie tie-in releases for 2005.
'Troublemaker,' 'Xerxes,' & Movie Projects
March 1, 2011
The Dark Horse CEO discusses GN hits, new publishers, & movies.
'Dapper Men,' Mignola Net 5 Each
April 7, 2011
Here are the nominations for 2011 Eisner Awards.
State of the Market, Changing Gender Mix, More
March 16, 2015
In Part 1, we talk about the state of the market, the changing gender mix and the new aesthetic in American comics, and ask how Dark Horse is changing post- Star Wars .
On 30 Years of Comic Publishing
May 19, 2016
In Part 1, Richardson looks at how the business has changed in the past 30 years.
Interview with Mike Richardson
November 4, 2016
We caught up with Dark Horse Comics founder and CEO Mike Richardson to find out more about how the company got involved with the Moebius Library and its plans for future Moebius and other BD releases.
Sales Rankings (Units and Dollars) Based on Comic Store POS Data
August 10, 2020
These are unit and dollar sales rankings based on sales tracked at point-of-sale at stores selling American comics around the world.
Dark Horse's Number 1 Book For July
July 2, 2002
Dark Horse Comics announced its comic series based on the rock band Kiss at last year's San Diego Comicon without a lot of fanfare. After all, Image's Kiss: The Psycho Circus comic had sort of just faded away and expectations for Dark Horse's book were not very high. Well a year later, Gene Simmons, the tongue-wielding bassist and driving force behind Kiss licensing, will be back at San Diego, and he will be touting Dark Horse's number one comic for July.
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