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'Dungeons & Dragons - Spelljammer: Memory's Wake'
April 16, 2024
Random House Worlds will release Dungeons & Dragons - Spelljammer: Memory’s Wake, a new novel set in the world of D&D Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, in June.
For 'D&D' 50th Anniversary
April 15, 2024
NECA and WizKids are re-imagining the classic Warduke action figure with special touches for the collector’s market to mark the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons.
Column by Scott Thorne
April 15, 2024
This week, columnist Scott Thorne looks at the recent Eventlink crash during prereleases, and the survey Wizards of the Coast ran about merch based on their games.
'How Would You Deal with This?'
April 15, 2024
Ralph DiBernardo of Jetpack Comics shares his frustrations on street release dates being ignored and the lack of consequences.
2023 RPG Sales Trends
April 12, 2024
Sales of Dungeons & Dragons declined, but sales of other brands grew in the rapidly changing market for roleplaying games in 2023, according to ICv2 reporting.
Column by Scott Thorne
April 8, 2024
This week, columnist Scott Thorne comments on the interview with Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks last week.
In NPR Interview
April 4, 2024
Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks answered questions on topics of interest in an interview on the NPR podcast Here & Now Anytime.
With 'Ghouls and Ghasts'
April 3, 2024
WizKids is expanding the options for its D&D Icons of the Realms: Undead Armies with a new pack: Ghouls and Ghasts.
New Huge-size Miniature by WizKids
April 1, 2024
WizKids will release D&D Icons of the Realms: Red Ghost Dragon, a new huge-sized miniature, into retail.
From Ultra PRO
April 1, 2024
Ultra PRO will release two D&D - Vecna: Eve of Ruin playmats into retail.
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