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Column by Scott Thorne
December 19, 2022
This week, columnist Scott Thorne follows up on the Dungeons & Dragons comments in Wizards of the Coast's fireside chat and bids farewell to TSR/WotC's Kim Mohan.
Including Big Retailer Event
March 21, 2004
Wizards of the Coast announced a new retro product and more at the GAMA Trade Show.
'Huge Packs' and 'D&D Icons'
February 8, 2006
Wizards of the Coast is preparing two releases both of which will greatly expand the size of its 'miniatures' offerings.
'Dragon' and 'Dungeon' Among Winners
July 9, 2007
The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announced the winners of the 33rd Annual Origins Awards.
Classic Rulebooks, Sourcebooks, & Adventures Available Again
January 25, 2013
Wizards of the Coast plans to reprint classic 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tomes starting in June.
Column by Scott Thorne
June 2, 2013
This week, Thorne looks at what it will take for Dungeons & Dragons to regain the #1 spot in the RPG market.
Column by Scott Thorne
April 21, 2014
This week, Thorne looks at the upcoming showdown between Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons .
Column by Scott Thorne
August 11, 2014
This week, Thorne reports on initial sales of the D&D Player 's Handbook .
Waves Six - Ten
December 17, 2014
WizKids has announced Waves Six--Ten releases.
Rob Letterman
April 1, 2016
The Dungeons & Dragons RPG takes another step towards theatres with the selection of Rob Letterman as director.
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