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Number Ones Help Drive Sales
July 16, 2006
Sales of Marvel's Civil War mini-series dropped less than 3% from issue #1 to #2.
'Ready to Ship' Tuesday?
June 28, 2006
Joe Krolik of Comics America in Winnipeg, Manitoba, saw the comments on comic street dates and shares his thoughts on the discussion, as well as a question about having comics 'ready to ship' on Tuesday.
Both on the 'Must List'
June 26, 2006
EW spotlights Neil Gaiman's revival of Jack Kirby's The Eternals and Frank Espinosa's Rocketo .
North America's Oldest Anime Pub
May 22, 2006
The Anime News Network and Protoculture Inc. have unveiled the new format for Protoculture Addicts.
And Beyond
April 13, 2006
White Wolf is planning an aggressive launch schedule for GenCon and the fall months.
A Bumper Crop for 2006
January 10, 2006
SLG Publishing has announced an ambitious slate of toy release for 2006.
For Summer
October 6, 2005
The launches include four new Kodansha manga properties and the first title in Del Rey's 'mature' line.
Column by Steve Bennett
September 20, 2005
This week, Bennett wraps up his discussion of comics content.
White Wolf Eases Retailer Participation
August 30, 2005
White Wolf is making it easier for retailers to run pre-release events for the next expansion of the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle CCG .
Update on Allocations
March 9, 2005
Daniel McAbee of The Tangled Web in Spartanburg, South Carolina saw the comment from Rembert Parker of Reader Copies on Yu-Gi-Oh! allocations and sent this update to his earlier comments.
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