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Makes Two Announcements Regarding In-Store Events
September 23, 2022
Wizards of the Coast updated details on The Brothers' War prerelease events, making two significant announcements regarding in-store events.
Column by Paul Alexander Butler
September 22, 2022
Columnist Paul Alexander Butler looks at the retail potential of Ravenburger's upcoming Disney Lorcana TCG.
The Beginning of a Legacy
September 22, 2022
Akora TCG is an emerging trading card game that is steeped in epic lore and designed with a stellar, manga-style aesthetic.
Featuring Elesh Norn, Silver, and Myr
September 19, 2022
Ultra PRO will release new Magic: The Gathering: Figurines from the Vault - Legends, new collectible vinyl figurines, into retail.
Column by Scott Thorne
September 19, 2022
This week, columnist Scott Thorne looks at the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Flashback Draft announcement and remembers Saltire Games owner Phil Herthel.
The Canadian Market and Lessons from the Pandemic, Expansion into the U.S., More
September 16, 2022
We caught up with CEO Angelo Exarhakos of Universal Distribution, which operates three distribution centers in Canada, and talked about the Canadian market, lessons from the pandemic, planned expansion into the U.S., and more.
Of TCGplayer's Top 25 Sealed Products Chart; New TCGs' Future in Question
September 16, 2022
TCGplayer's August data for sealed product sales and price changes showed the Big Three dominating, putting the future of newer TCGs in question.
By Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli
September 14, 2022
Writer Steve Orlando and artist Sara Pichelli are the creative team for the new series.
Column by Scott Thorne
September 12, 2022
This week, columnist Scott Thorne talks about how the Perfection Fallacy finally caught up with him, the TCG market, and the Phyllis Opolko Charity Auction.
'Pokemon TCG: Lost Origin' Tops in August
September 8, 2022
The Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield – Lost Origin Booster Box was the top product on the August chart.
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