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Former Marvel CEO Now Reps Marvel Properties
February 17, 2001
In the 'where are they now' department, former Marvel CEO Gerry Calabrese became CEO of late last year.
Another Perelman Success Story?
February 17, 2001
Sunbeam's connection to the pop culture retailer comes from its principal shareholder, financier Ronald Perelman, whose tumultuous tenure at Marvel has touched nearly every player in our market.
LPC a Growing Force in Comic Trade Books
February 17, 2001
Image Comics has signed with LPC Group for distribution to the book trade, effective January 1, 2001. They join a growing roster of comic publishers that are using LPC for book distribution.
Follows 20% Layoffs
February 6, 2001
Fandom has announced that it's named Debra Streicker-Fine as its new CEO, replacing founder Mark Young, who will continue to act in an 'advisory' capacity.
'Inside the World of Pop Culture Products'
February 1, 2001 first trade site for the pop culture products industry--launched today. The site features daily news, analysis, and the latest product trends in five pop culture categories: anime, games, comics, and movie/TV licensed merchandise.
Marvel Goes Visual for December
January 29, 2001
Marvel Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has announced that all the Marvel titles slated for December, 2001 shipping will contain neither dialogue balloons nor any kind of narrative captions.
Ang Lee To Helm 'The Hulk'
February 6, 2001
Universal Pictures has pulled a major coup by snagging white-hot director Ang Lee ( Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ) to take over their troubled Hulk film project.
Retailers Dissed or Saved?
February 6, 2001
Marvel Comics has made a commitment to strengthening their newsstand distribution by making the Ultimate Marvel Magazine a newsstand-only product.
Old School Material, Format Finds Fans
April 30, 2001
Two new Dark Horse manga trade paperback series are showing surprising strength in formats closer to their Japanese counterparts than to their first American editions.
Former Owner of Marvel at It Again?
January 23, 2001
Ron Perelman has retired 81% of an estimated 770 million dollar bond issue that was backed by nearly 50% of his Revlon stock.
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