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With 'Dark Tournament' Booster Set; Also, Product Updates and Hero League Championship
September 27, 2023
UVS Games announced the return of Yu Yu Hakusho CCG to the UniVersus CCG system.
Crossing Over: A Batman Webtoon and a Spider-Man Manga
September 18, 2023
A Batman webtoon and a Spider-Man manga break out of the usual categories.
One Best-Seller Is Not Enough
September 18, 2023
All three of the August charts are top-heavy, with one strong seller apiece.
Sales Rankings Based on Comic Store POS Data
September 7, 2023
These are unit and dollar sales rankings based on sales tracked at point-of-sale by the ComicHub system at stores selling American comics around the world.
Event Kit Supports Up to 16 Players
August 31, 2023
Universus Games updated details on their My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn Prerelease Kit.
August 25, 2023
And the story of Fan Expo Chicago 2023 in pictures concludes with a final batch of photos from Saturday.
Updates Booster Set Deets; Images Included
August 24, 2023
UVS Games announced My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn's release date, and updated details on the upcoming booster set.
August 24, 2023
Here's the story of Fan Expo Chicago 2023 in pictures, kicking off with photos from Friday.
In Spring 2023
August 3, 2023
Solid performances from the biggest TCG brands contributed to another season of collectible games growth.
In Spring 2023
August 3, 2023
The complete story of the how the TCG market managed another season of growth after a long upward trend.
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