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Cut or Uncut Anime, Fan Downloads, DVD Pricing
December 7, 2005
In Part 4, we talk about American manga- and anime-influenced productions, and the bookstore, mass merchant, and comic store channels for manga.
1.5-Inch Figures WIth Game Component
December 6, 2005
In January Bandai America is launching a new line of 1.5-inch T een Titans Comic Game Heroes, which come with a game component .
Naruto Starts in Hobby Only
December 1, 2005
Bandai has announced its plans for 18 game releases for its six game systems in 2006, a major increase in production.
For 'Pirates,' More
November 29, 2005
WizKids Inc. has awarded the rights to produce and support a range of role-playing books for its properties to the Pinnacle Entertainment Group.
Off the 4Kids Schedule in Mid-Season Shuffle
November 22, 2005
ICv2 contacted 4Kids Entertainment concerning the scheduling changes in its Saturday morning 4Kids Block broadcast on the Fox Network.
Rare Superman Collectibles for New York Comic-Con
November 10, 2005
Steve Geppi's Diamond International Galleries will bring an exhibit of rare collectibles, including many significant Superman pieces, to the New York Comic-Con.
Lower Yu-Gi-Oh! Sales One Factor
November 9, 2005
4Kids Entertainment reported its Q3 results after the market's close on Wednesday, and sales and earnings both dropped from last year's numbers, continuing last quarter's slide.
Column by Pat Fuge
October 30, 2005
This column, in which Fuge rates CCG organized play programs, is part three of his organized play overview.
Coming in March
October 27, 2005
SOTA Toys has announced the March, 2006 release of a high quality Aliens Deluxe Pewter Chess Set.
With a 5-Page Article
October 24, 2005
This week's EW includes a five-page article by Jeff Jensen celebrating Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen .
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