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And Signs with Endeavor
August 10, 2003
In Spring of 2004 CrossGen will release The War.
'American Splendor' and 'Quimby the Mouse'
August 10, 2003
This week's Entertainment Weekly has a six-page story written by Pekar and illustrated by long-time collaborator Gary Dumm.
Documentary Released on DVD in May
August 6, 2003
A new documentary explores the uniquely American Halloween phenomenon known as a Hell House.
ICv2 Retailers Guide Surveys Mid-Year Trends
July 31, 2003
In spite of the recession that is still affecting the overall U.S. economy, game sales remain strong with the exception of role-playing games.
CBLDF Suit Can Continue
July 28, 2003
A U.S. District Judge in Charleston denied a motion last Friday to dismiss a suit against the state's 'harmful to minors' Internet statute.
Direct To DVD In The Fall of '04
July 27, 2003
Miramax has given the greenlight to start production on a third Bionicle film.
For Release in November
July 24, 2003
WizKids has announced a 'massive redesign' of Mage Knight , its first Collectible Miniature Game, which will be marketed as Mage Knight 2.0 .
Another Milestone for 'Comics Journalism'
July 8, 2003
Joe Sacco passed another milestone for comics journalism last Sunday when 'The Underground War in Gaza,' his story about Palestinian tunnels and Isreali bulldozers was published in the New York Times Magazine .
Long-Running Anime Is Highest Rated Series In Japan
July 6, 2003
Funimation Productions has acquired the rights to Meitantei Conan ( Detective Conan ), the highest rated anime series in Japan.
Maximizing Allocations
July 6, 2003
Dennis Schamp, General Manager of the Comic Gallery stores in San Diego, California saw Scott Prolux' comments on WizKids allocations and sent us his tips on getting what he needs for his stores.
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