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Pirates and DC HeroClix
September 23, 2004
WizKids has released information about two spring releases, Pirates of the Crimson Coast and DC Legacy .
10-Panel Strip in Business Section
September 21, 2004
Top comic scribe Brian Michael Bendis was featured in Tuesday's New York Times in a 10-panel comic strip in which he explains his business relationship with the giant comic book publisher Marvel Comics.
Employee Arrested for Child Molestation
September 20, 2004
A part-time employee at The Game Keep in Hermitage, Tennessee has admitted molesting a 12-year-old boy that he met at the store while conducting gaming events.
Likes May
August 29, 2004
Steven Bates of Bookery Fantasy in Fairborn, Ohio saw the notice that voting is now open for the date for Free Comic Book Day 2005 and prefers May.
Vampire: Prince of the City Coming in December!
August 18, 2004
A Paid Advertisement. White Wolf further expands its hit World of Darkness and Vampire: the Requiem brands with its very first board game, Vampire: Prince of the City .
Vs. 2003
August 16, 2004
Dollar sales on comics were flat in July, with a barely perceptible .2% increase over-all as the result of a 1% increase in graphic novel sales.
Also Lower at the Bottom
August 16, 2004
Comic piece sales dropped almost across the board in July vs. the previous issues.
Before Christmas
August 8, 2004
Avalanche Press has announced three new products in its Panzer Grenadier series of tactical World War II games.
Coming From HarperCollins in October
July 25, 2004
Abstract Studios' creator/writer/artist of Strangers in Paradise, Terry Moore, told ICv2 at Comic-Con International in San Diego that HarperCollins will be publishing the Strangers in Paradise Treasury Edition in October.
Topps is Talkin' Trash in 'The Dozens'
July 22, 2004
The Topps Company is bringing an urban edge to the world of non-sports cards with the help of the multi-talented Wayans Brothers, who have provided the inspiration for The Dozens.
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