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Masters of the Universe, Daredevil Target Premiere Strong
November 4, 2002
Following the trend established in October, comic store orders on most top comics slipped again in November, with only five of the top twenty-five posting increases (all below #15).
From Stan Lee to Art Spiegelman
October 30, 2002
One of the three segments on Sixty Minutes II on Wednesday was titled 'The Superheroes,' and dealt with the current resurgence in the comics business. The movies were the largest area of focus, with Spider-Man the anchor property.
In September Top 10 Cool Lists
October 21, 2002
Evergreen properties were atop all five product categories of our Top 10 Cool lists for September. Batman was #1 in both comics and toys,...
Japanese Romantic Comedy Breaks Out
October 12, 2002
An ICv2 Release. ICv2, with the support of sponsors Tokyopop, Diamond Comic Distributors, Tokyo Mint, and Bandai Entertainment, is bringing you our 'Love Hina's a Hit' promotion, with drawings for cool prizes and information on marketing this surprisingly successful property.
Lee's Batman Tops Piece Sales
October 4, 2002
Orders on the top comic titles almost uniformly dropped in October compared to September orders, with only one of the top 25 titles, Daredevil , eking out a gain.
Classic Moment Becomes Classy Art
October 2, 2002
A Paid Advertisement. Diamond Select has teamed with the inmates of the Art Asylum to bring fans 'The Death of Captain Marvel,' the first in a new 1/6th scale line of hyper-detailed, high-quality statues, in scale with previous Marvel full-sized statues.
Gaiman and McFarlane Take the Stand
September 30, 2002
Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane battled in court today, in a dispute that McFarlane's attorney called in his opening statement a case about 'two realities, Neil's reality and Todd's reality.'
Make Sure Hobby Has Product When They Need It
September 29, 2002
Mark Amoroso of Blackthorn Gamecenter in Dickson, Tennessee saw our article on Toys R Us adding Wizkids' Marvel HeroClix to its mix nationwide and sent us his opinions on it.
Simpsons, Archives Top Their Categories
September 22, 2002
WizKids' MechWarrior: Dark Ages debuted strong in August, with the boosters topping our Top 10 Cool Game list for the month. In other categories, higher numbers in product series that have topped our lists in the past were common,...
Plus Retro, Spider-Man, X-Men
September 1, 2002
Marvel's Ultimate line was the strongest presence in the top ten comics ordered by U.S. pop culture stores for September, with four of the top ten.
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