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Fruits Basket, Saiyuki & Hana-Kimi
March 30, 2004
In the first quarter of 2004 it is three new shoujo titles that have made the strongest impression on the manga market.
Plus War of the Ring and Fireborn Due This Summer
March 21, 2004
Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing Doom: The Board Game , based on the soon-to-be released Doom 3 computer game, in October.
Constructible Strategy Game (CSG)
March 17, 2004
Topps subsidiary WizKids announced plans for Pirates of the Spanish Main , a new game to be released in early July, at the GAMA Trade Show on Wednesday.
Beaten By Doraemon & One Piece Anime Features
March 14, 2004
Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell: Innocence debuted last weekend in Japan along with two other anime feature films.
'Betrayal at House on theHill' Out This Fall
March 14, 2004
In September Wizards of the Coast will release Betrayal at House on the Hill , the first-ever tile game with a horror theme from the classic Avalon Hill line of board games.
Alex Ross' Marvel Universe: The 70's Lithograph
March 11, 2004
Dynamic Forces has released the full color image of the company's last commissioned piece of Marvel art from Alex Ross.
Hit RPG Keeps Expanding
March 16, 2004
A Paid Advertisement. In stores in April, the Exalted Players Guide is a new core release for White Wolf's hit game of epic fantasy and high action. And in May, Exalted's new line of mass-market paperbacks novels kicks off with Carl Bowen's Exalted: A Day Dark As Night .
Shipping in June, July & August
March 2, 2004
Diamond Select Toys has an exciting line of Marvel-based merchandise for 2004.
Plus a Halle Berry Catwoman Barbie
February 11, 2004
Mattel has announced a number of its new toy offerings for 2004, including a Shaman King Deluxe Battling Figure Assortment that allows kids to act out their favorite battle scenes from the Shaman King anime series.
For Late 2004
February 2, 2004
Z-Man Games has announced plans for a Tomorrow Knights RPG , to be released late this year.
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