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September 2, 2003
DC Comics has lined up some major press coverage for Neil Gaiman's Sandman: Endless Nights hardcover, which goes on sale on September 17.
For Coraline
September 8, 2003
Neil Gaiman, who won a Hugo Award last year for Best Science Fiction Novel for American Gods won again this year for Best Novella for Coraline .
100,000 Copies of Endless Nights
September 15, 2003
The New York Times published a major article on DC's Vertigo line in its Monday, September 15th, business section.
First Ever 'Graphic Novel Block' A Hit
September 22, 2003
For the first time graphic novels took a prominent position at the nation's largest non-profit literary festival, New York is Book Country, which turned Fifth Avenue into a giant bookshop.
On Comics, Movies, and (Possibly) Manga
September 23, 2003
ICv2 recently spoke with DC President Paul Levitz. In this second part of our two-part interview, we talk about the success of Sandman: Endless Nights, DC movies and TV shows, kids comics, creator exclusives, and a possible foray into manga.
Especially Outreach Marketing
January 5, 2004
Dean Phillips of Krypton Comics attended the recent Diamond-Alliance Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, and shared his experiences, especially as they relate to outreach advertising by comic publishers.
'Why Would Anyone Come In A Comic Book Store?'
August 6, 2007
John Miller of Lost Realms Comics and Games in Pompano Beach, Florida talks about online competition.
Column By Steve Bennett
December 11, 2007
This week, Bennett continues his discussion of material that challenges more traditional belief systems.
As Guest of Honor
June 24, 2008
The New York Anime Festival has announced that artist Yoshitaka Amano will appear as a Guest of Honor.
Originally Published May 1993
July 14, 2008
IC Archives from May, 1993: Readers of the July issue of Advance Comics will notice a new "Certified Cool" icon next to listings of cutting edge comics.
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