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Superhero and Author Titles Get Boosts from Streaming
July 18, 2022
Comics with streaming tie-ins placed multiple volumes on the Superhero and Author charts.
Webtoons Dominate BookScan Author Chart
June 13, 2022
Graphic novels collecting webtoons dominated the BookScan chart of the top 20 Author graphic novels in the book channel.
On the Popularity of Action and LitRPG Manhwa and the Impact of Anime
June 13, 2024
A year and a half after the launch of Ize Press, DeVera reflects on the popularity of the action and LitRPG genres and the effect of anime on manhwa sales.
The Numbers Tell the Story
February 1, 2024
The numbers tell the story of the top Author, Superhero, and Manga graphic novel sales on the 2023 Circana BookScan charts.
Top Genres Include Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure
January 18, 2024
The most popular genres include fantasy, science fiction, and action/adventure.
Instagram Comics, BL Manga, and the DC Pride Anthology Make the Charts
June 20, 2023
The May charts include a compilation of comics that first ran on Instagram, a spicy BL manga, and the DC Pride anthology.
Top Properties Show Staying Power
February 9, 2023
A number of the newer titles in the Top 20 have there consistently for months.
Big Jump for Top 20 Sales in Superheroes; Author, Manga Categories Stay Level
January 12, 2023
Sales of the Top 20 titles in the Superhero category saw a big jump compared to last year, while the other two stayed almost level.
Make Way for Webtoons!
December 6, 2022
Three-fourths of the titles on the Author chart are comics that started out as vertical-scroll webtoons.
Weakness in the Top Ranks
December 6, 2022
The numbers are down, one way or another, for the top sellers on all three charts.
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