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'This Is Going To Hurt'
August 20, 2006
David Whelan of Comic Castle in Beckley, West Virginia saw the news that Marvel's Civil War books were going to be delayed and says this is going to hurt.
Loss of Momentum Feared
August 17, 2006
Marvel's announcement this week that Civil War #4 would be pushed back threatened to put a damper on a great summer season.
Column by Steve Bennett
July 9, 2006
This week, Bennett talks about upselling in the context of editorial events.
#2 Bestseller Since 2001
June 18, 2006
DC's Infinite Crisis seven-issue mini-series had held the top spot on Diamond Comic Distributors Top 300 for its first six issues.
CSI, Stargate, Star Wars, Flushed Away
May 30, 2006
DK Publishing is planning a number of books based on popular movies and TV series for the holidays.
Column by Steve Bennett
May 18, 2006
This week, Bennett continues with his Free Comic Book Day column and questions the offerings from some of the participating publishers.
'The Best Yet'
May 9, 2006
Mike Banks of Samurai Comics in Phoenix, Arizona reports that he had the best Free Comic Book Day yet.
Along With New Games, Toys & Books
May 4, 2006
Lucasfilm has announced the release of the original theatrical versions of the first Star Wars trilogy on DVD.
Simmering Slowly
May 3, 2006 is reporting that a live action Star Wars TV series is at least 18 months away.
'Update Edition'
March 27, 2006
Topps has announced that it will release Star Wars Evolution: Update Edition trading cards in early July.
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