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Plus New Zorro Comic From Dynamite
March 21, 2007
Dynamite Entertainment and Marvel Comics announced a new crossover project bringing Spider-Man and Red Sonja together.
Includes Expansions & Stand-Alone Games
October 19, 2006
In the first five months of 2007 Upper Deck is planning four major releases for its Vs. system.
Marvel's 'Civil War' Extends to Howard the Duck
September 10, 2006
Marvel has released the cover image and a description of the Civil War: Choosing Sides .
'Spider-Man 3' Opens Same Weekend
August 15, 2006
The next Free Comic Book Day will be May 5th, 2007. This coincides with the release of Sony's Spider-Man 3 , the next release in the strongest comic-related movie franchise.
Exclusive Venom Figure & More
July 20, 2006
WizKids has announced its Marvel HeroClix Sinister ClixBrick promotion.
'ToonClix' DBA (Dead Before Arrival)
June 21, 2006
ICv2 has learned that WizKids eliminated nearly15 positions in a series of cuts that affected every department in the company.
Column by Steve Bennett
June 8, 2006
This week, Bennett gives us his manifesto for superhero comics.
In Pewter
April 25, 2006
SOTA Toys will release a 1,000 set limited edition Spider-Man Pewter Chess Set this August. Sporting an MSRP of $499.99, the board should appeal to collectors with its detailed figures.
ClixBrick Promotion Continues
February 9, 2006
WizKids has announced a June release date for Marvel HeroClix: Sinister.
Column by Steve Bennett
September 14, 2005
This week, Bennett continues his discussion of comic content and its impact on sales.
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