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New Dark Fantasy World RPG
May 17, 2023
Rowan, Rook, and Decard will release DIE: The Roleplaying Game, a new dark fantasy world RPG written by Kieron Gillen with artwork by Stephanie Hans, into retail.
A New Line of Painted Terrain
May 16, 2023
Gale Force Nine unveiled Battlefield in a Box: Hextech, a new line of painted terrain, for release into retail.
UK Competition Produces Stunning Miniatures from Top Painters
May 3, 2023
Games Workshop announced the winners of the Golden Demon competition from Warhammer Fest 2023, which happened from April 29 to May 1, 2023 at the Manchester Central Convetion Complex in Manchester, UK.
'Ashes of Faith'
May 2, 2023
Games Workshop unleashed Ashes of Faith, a new Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team expansion, which will be coming to preorder soon.
In Hasbro Q1
May 2, 2023
Sales by Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment were up but profits were down in Q1, Hasbro reported in its Q1 earnings release.
'World Eaters'
April 24, 2023
Games Workshop announced World Eaters, a new Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol.
Column by Scott Thorne
April 17, 2023
This week, columnist Scott Thorne looks at some problems with the Magic: The Gathering prerelease over the past weekend, explains what goes into a good starter set, and marvels at the Magic /Hot Pockets promotion .
'The Lion' and 'The Lion & Retinue' Launch Set
April 11, 2023
Games Workshop revealed Ark of Omens: The Lion and The Lion & Retinue, for Warhammer 40,000, which will be on preorder.
'Leagues of Votann' and 'Agents of the Imperium'
April 10, 2023
Games Workshop announced two more Warhammer 40,000: Boarding Patrol boxed sets, which are headed to preorder.
Cubicle 7 Announces 'Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Core Rulebook'
April 5, 2023
Cubicle 7 has shared details about the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum Core Rulebook.
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