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Sons of Ferrus Manus and Sons of Fulgrim
December 7, 2021
Games Workshop will release two more old foes bundles for Warhammer 40,000.
'Veterans of the Watch' and 'The Insidious Curse'
November 30, 2021
Games Workshop unveiled Veterans of the Watch and The Insidious Curse, two new Old Foes bundles for Warhammer 40,00.
'Strike Force Icefang' and 'Bonebreakaz of Krongar'
November 23, 2021
Games Workshop unleashed Strike Force Icefang and Bonebreakaz of Krongar, two new assault groups for Warhammer 40,000.
'Battleforce' Sets In-bound for the Holiday Season
November 18, 2021
Games Workshop revealed six new Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce boxed sets coming to retail.
In 'Shadow Throne' Boxed Set Plus New Codexes
November 1, 2021
The Shadow Throne boxed set for Warhammer 40,000 will feature battles on humanity's homeworld, supported by two new Codexes.
'Kill Team: Chalnath' Boxed Set
October 27, 2021
Games Workshop revealed Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Chalnath, a new skirmish boxed set, which is on preorder November 1.
Features Exclusive Codex Supplement
September 20, 2021
Games Workshop revealed the Black Templars Army Set at Gen Con, which comes with an exclusive codex supplement.
Made to Order, $240 Premium Action Figure
August 23, 2021
Bandai will release an Ultramarines Captain Action Figure , under the Warhammer 40,000 license from Games Workshop.
New Weekly Hobby Magazine Series
August 20, 2021
Games Workshop launched Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Magazine, a new weekly hobby magazine series.
Two Mysterious Codices and 'Codex Supplement: Black Templars'
August 16, 2021
Games Workshop teased two new Codices and a Codex Supplement: Black Templars, for use with Warhammer 40,000.
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