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'X-Men: Battle of the Atom'
April 29, 2013
X-Men: Battle of the Atom is tied to the four ongoing X-Men titles.
'The World Needs The X-Men'
March 17, 2016
Fox has released a new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer.
Movie Penned by 'X-Men: First Class' Team
July 16, 2014
Film penned by writing team from X-Men: First Class .
'X-Men Blue' and 'X-Men Gold' Join 'ResurrXion' Titles
October 24, 2016
Marvel has announced two new flagship series for the Children of the Atom launching in Spring 2017: X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold.
Decorated With Various Artists' X-Men Art
August 23, 2018
Marvel will release the Marvel Graphic Comic Box: Uncanny X-Men comic book container.
'X-Men Regenesis'
June 16, 2011
The split of Uncanny X-Men into 2 titles is the result of Schism .
A Year's Worth of Ultimate X-Men
February 10, 2004
Variety is reporting that X-Men director Bryan Singer will team with writers Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty 'to create a year's worth of Ultimate X-Men comics for Marvel.'
Post 'Secret Wars' Flagship X-Men Title Launches This Fall
June 30, 2015
Marvel has announced the new team of mutants for the flagship post- Secret Wars X-Men title Extraordinary X-Men , written by Jeff Lemire.
It's 'X-Men vs. Terminator''
October 19, 2012
Millar talks about the epic scope of the new X-Men movie.
It Could Be 'X-Men: First Class'
June 22, 2009
With the Wolverine movie a solid hit, but not a smash, in what direction will Fox go with the next X-Men film?
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