According to New Estimate by ICv2 and Comichron
June 30, 2015

The comics and graphic novel market hit a new high since the mid-90s, according to a new joint estimate by Comichron’s John Jackson Miller and ICv2’s Milton Griepp.

Will Target Die Hard Fans of 1990s TV Series
June 30, 2015
BOOM! Studios has announced a new license from Saban Brands to produce new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics.
To Hobby and Amazon
June 30, 2015
Hasbro has announced that the highly anticipated Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planewalkers strategy board game will release on July 1 for “select hobby game stores” and Amazon.
Announces Post-'Book of Death' Titles, New 'One Dollar Debuts'
June 30, 2015
Valiant Entertainment held its “Valiant Summit” today, and announced two upcoming titles which will follow in the wake of its Book of Death summer event, as well as a new roster of One Dollar Debut titles, and a teaser for summer 2016.
Plus New Faction for Minis Game, New RPG Books
June 30, 2015
Wyrd Miniatures is planning a number of new releases over the next few months, including new products for its Malifaux miniatures game and its Through the Breach RPG.
Post 'Secret Wars' Flagship X-Men Title Launches This Fall
June 30, 2015
Marvel has announced the new team of mutants for the flagship post- Secret Wars X-Men title Extraordinary X-Men , written by Jeff Lemire.
Comic Based On Video Game Based on Comic
June 30, 2015
Marvel comics will launch a new comic in October based on the Contest of Champions video game from Kabam, which itself is based on a 1980s Marvel comic.
Del Toro Off 'Justice League Dark'
June 30, 2015
Warners is shuffling its comics-based films.
In 2014
June 30, 2015
The North American digital comics market reached $100 million in 2014, up from $90 million in 2013, according to an analysis by ICv2.
ICv2 Stars: 3 (out of 5)
June 30, 2015
Here's a review for So Cute, It Hurts Vol. 1 TP , published by VIZ Media.
As Two of Stars Locked Up for Fourth Film
June 30, 2015
The third movie in the new Star Trek franchise is beginning production in Vancouver.
Some Written by 'Moth' NPR Storytellers
June 29, 2015
Double Take (2T), the new comic imprint from Bioshock publisher Take Two Interactive, will release ten #1 issues tied to the theme Ultimate Night of the Living Dead in September.