'Does this mean…?'
May 8, 2016

Jim Crocker of Modern Myths questions the sincerity of Monte Cook Games promising to give "retailers a bit more love and support."

'An anchor to the Milwaukee comics community.'
May 2, 2016
David Beard on the passing of direct market pioneer Ron Killian, owner of The Turning Page.
'Feels like DC is really dropping the ball'
March 21, 2016
John Miller of Docking Bay 94 comments on the release timing of the DC Previews catalog featuring the "Rebirth" solicitations.
'Less Stores Jumping the Sell Date'
January 25, 2016
John Weddleton of Bosco's comments on Walmart closing numerous stores.
'Good News or Bad News?'
January 22, 2016
Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics & Toys comments on the announcement of Wamart closing stores, and we respond.
'Extremely Vanilla at Best and Stale at Worse'
January 13, 2016
Michael Breakfield of Lone Star Comics comments on current state of DC Comics.
'How Can They Sell So Cheap?'
January 11, 2016
John Miller of Docking Bay 94 wonders how GameStop can be selling a Legend of Zelda statue so cheaply.
'Single Most Needed Improvement…'
January 11, 2016
James Grasso of Recess suggests an improvement to Catan for better sales.
'I Don't See a Demand.'
January 7, 2016
Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics & Toys in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) comments on Steve Bennett's latest column regarding the low orders for The Badger #1.
'I'd Like More Information'
January 4, 2016
Rhonda Becker of The Gamers Den asks for info on the survey methodology and size, which we provide in our response.
'Had a Very Different Experience'
December 10, 2015
Andy Battaglia of Comics Etc. in Rochester, New York shares his positive experience with Local Comic Shop Day.
'HORRIBLE Promotion'
December 10, 2015
Glen Booth of Collector's Connection in Duluth, Minnesota comments on the first annual Local Comic Shop Day promotion.