'Nothing will ever happen…'
October 2, 2015

John Miller of Docking Bay 94 reports that a local Walmart store is selling the Magic: The Gathering--Battle of Zendikar release before the official street date.

'Harassment of any Kind, Routine or Not, Is Unacceptable'
October 2, 2015
Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson has released the following statement.
'Conveys The Scope of FCBD Being A Worldwide Event.'
September 24, 2015
Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord, CA writes in to share this short documentary about Free Comic Book Day.
'Nobody really seems to give a toss.'
September 24, 2015
Dave Salisbury of Fan Boy Three writes in to share his frustration with the lateness of the new Dungeons & Dragons game adventure in the United Kingdom.
'Makes me want to rethink my support'
September 10, 2015
Mike Boze of HawgHead Comics comments on the announcement of Valiant Entertainment partnering with Hastings for live streaming events.
'A Cautionary Tale'
September 9, 2015
Michael Breakfield of Lone Star Comics comments on Rob Salkowitz's latest column regarding the comic book industry back in the 1990s.
'Not for every retailer'
August 28, 2015
WizKids gave ICv2 permission to share this blog post (which we edited for length) with our readers; it addresses a number of issues raised in a recent Talk Back.
'Is There Even A Demand?'
August 26, 2015
Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics questions if there's really a demand for a Dice Masters Organized Play event for game stores.
'Oh great…'
August 17, 2015
David Loftus of AK Comics comments on Barnes & Noble getting an exclusive edition for The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. Three.
'Periphery Sales.'
July 20, 2015
Ian Richards, Director of Organized Play for Peachstate Hobby Distribution, comments on Scott Thorne's column discussing the economics of pricing pre-release events.
'Reminded me right away of…'
July 15, 2015
Janice Truppe of Gnu Books comments on the originality of the Pixar movie Inside Out.
'Looking forward to Season 2, but…'
July 13, 2015
Dave Brzeski of The House On The Borderland comments the upcoming season of The Flash.