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Column by Scott Thorne
March 29, 2015
Rolling for Initiative is a weekly column by Scott Thorne, PhD, owner of Castle Perilous Games & Books in Carbondale, Illinois and instructor in marketing at Southeast Missouri State University. This week, Thorne shares his concern over the strain on r
Plus Upcoming Releases
March 27, 2015
At GTS, Hairbrained Schemes shared software updates for its digitally-enhanced miniatures game Golem Arcana, as well as showing off upcoming releases.
'Welcome to the Dungeon,' 'Alien Wars,' More
March 26, 2015
At GTS, Iello Games was showing off five upcoming releases: Welcome to the Dungeon, Alien Wars, Big Book of Madness, Sapiens, and Kenjin.
Plus Other OP Plans
March 25, 2015
At the GAMA Trade Show, WizKids revealed the full scope of its Avengers ID Cards promotion, discussed upcoming organized play programs, and talked about its new policies for announcing street dates.
From Flying Frog Productions
March 25, 2015
At GTS, Flying Frog Productions shared news of upcoming expansions for Shadows of Brimstone and Dark Gothic.
Also 'Car Wars Card Game'
March 25, 2015
At GTS, Steve Jackson Games spoke with ICv2 about the possible return of Car Wars Arena, and plans for a new edition of the Car Wars Card Game .
From Portal Games
March 25, 2015
At GTS, Portal Games was showing off a new expansion for Imperial Settlers , a new edition of Neuroshima Hex, and other titles it has planned for U.S. release.
From Upper Deck Entertainment
March 24, 2015
At the GAMA Trade Show, Upper Deck Entertainment announced it would publish Ginger Ale Games’ board game Bring Out Yer Dead.
'The Grizzled'
March 23, 2015
At GTS, CoolMiniOrNot announced the release of The Grizzled , a card game featuring art by Tignous, one of the French cartoonists who was killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack.
From Steve Jackson Games
March 23, 2015
At GTS, Steve Jackson Games announced plans to release a board game based on Mike Mignola’s popular Dark Horse comic book Hellboy.
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