GAMA reported record attendance at the recently completed GAMA Expo, up over 20% from 2019, the last year unaffected by the Covid pandemic. Attendance for the 2023 show was 2,041, compared to 1,680 in 2019.  Attendance was up 50% over the 1,360 attendees last year (see "GAMA Reports Expo Attendance").

Retailer attendance is growing, but has not returned to pre-Covid levels.  GAMA reported that 356 stores were represented at GAMA Expo (by roughly 1.5 people per store), up 31% from the 271 stores at GAMA Expo last year, but still down from the 480 stores in 2019 (see "GAMA Trade Show Sets Attendance Records").

While some companies that formerly had large booths have not returned to the show (as exhibitors), the  exhibit floor was sold out, with another 16 exhibitors in a First-Time Exhibitor area in a separate hall.

GAMA Expo next year will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, which will make it closer (if not more convenient) for attendees in the eastern half of the country, but present a longer trip for west coast companies.  Regardless of the numbers, the move will definitely produce some turnover in attendees, with some new faces that haven’t previously attended the show.