Column by Rob Salkowitz
January 31, 2023

Columnist Rob Salkowitz takes a look at the changing landscape of digital comics and an up-and-coming (relative) newcomer.

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Features, Previews, News, Opinion
January 30, 2023
ICv2 is pleased to announced the launch of its first ever RPG Week event, with special content about roleplaying games, including features, previews, news, and opinion.
Funded by Kickstarter that Racked Up Over $470,000 in Pledges
January 31, 2023
The book was part of a Kickstarter that pulled in over $470,000 in pledges.
Three New Games, One New Sourcebook
January 31, 2023
Osprey plans to expand its RPG offerings with three new game systems and a new supplement for Heirs to Heresy .
Introduces 'C7d20' Game System
January 31, 2023
Cubicle 7's upcoming Broken Weave will features a post-apocalyptic fantasy world and introduce the new C7d20 game system.
Featuring 'Bells Hells'
January 31, 2023
Ultra PRO has announced four new game accessories featuring the characters of Bells Hells from Critical Role.
Concluding the Project 8 Special Event
January 31, 2023
Para Bellum Wargames has revealed the winning candidate faction that will become the eighth faction added to the Conquest miniatures game lines, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood.
Mystery Boxed Set Now on Preorder
January 31, 2023
Free League Publishing announced Mork Borg: IKHON, a new RPG mystery boxed set.
Also: Nirvana Comics Continues 'Project Maus'
January 31, 2023
The latest roundup of local comic shop news includes Coliseum of Comics’ 40th anniversary and robberies in Fort Wayne and Edmonton.
Includes Early Release Program for Retailers
January 31, 2023
Renegade Game Studios will launch its The Search for Lost Species Kickstarter on January 31, 2023.
Follow-up Module to 'The Eye of Chentoufi' by Luke Gygax and Matt Everhart
January 31, 2023
Trick or Treat Studios unveiled The Heart of Chentoufi, a follow-up module to The Eye of Chentoufi by Luke Gygax and Matt Everhart, which will release into retail.
For 'Marvel Multiverse RPG'; Release Date of 'Core Rulebook' and 'The Cataclysm of Kang' Pushed Back
January 31, 2023
Marvel announced a new X-Men Expansion sourcebook for the Marvel Multiverse RPG, which will be headed to retail.
RPG Accessory Lines to Expand Sales
January 31, 2023
Players typically only need one of each RPG book, but they can seemingly never get enough dice, dice bags, playmats, luggage, and other RPG-related merch items.