Column by Rob Salkowitz, Photos by Eunice Verstegen
August 10, 2022

Columnist Rob Salkowitz attended this year's Crunchyroll Expo and provides his observations on the show.

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Dynamite, Marvel, Video Game, Movies
August 10, 2022
Upper Deck announced major licenses for its Vs. and Legendary franchises at Gen Con, including games featuring TV, movie, video game, and Marvel properties.
To International Sales & Licensing Manager
August 9, 2022
Brewer is Image Comics' new International Sales & Licensing Manager.
Including Licensed 'Fluxx' Games
August 9, 2022
Looney Labs announced price increases on specific product lines that will go into effect on October 1, 2022.
New Board Game by Devir
August 9, 2022
Devir Games will release Lacrimosa, a new narrative deck construction board game.
A Reboot of the Tactical Miniatures Game is Coming to Kickstarter Soon
August 9, 2022
Steamforged announced River Wars: Reloaded, a reboot of the tactical miniatures game.
Three Volumes in One
August 9, 2022
The three original graphic novels will be collected in a single edition.
Writer Whose Career Stretched from 'Richie Rich' to 'The 9/11 Report'
August 9, 2022
Jacobson wrote Richie Rich comics for Harvey and the graphic adaptation of the 9/11 report for Hill and Wang, with hundreds of other comics in between.
New Booster Pack Set
August 9, 2022
Bushiroad announced Raging Flames Against Emerald Storm, a new booster set for Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress.
40th Anniversary Edition of 'Drakar och Demoner'
August 9, 2022
Free League Publishing announced Dragonbane, a 40th anniversary edition of the Drakar och Demoner Swedish-designed RPG.
Fantasy Strategy Game; New Images Included
August 9, 2022
Avalon Hill is currently preordering D&D: The Yawning Portal, a fantasy strategy game, on their DTC Hasbro Pulse site.
At Largest Tabletop Game Show Since Advent of Pandemic
August 9, 2022
Over 50,000 unique attendees were hosted by Gen Con at last weekend’s show, the largest such event since the advent of the Covid pandemic.