New Line Will Kick Off with History of the Women of Marvel
July 23, 2021

The new books will bring readers behind the scenes and introduce them to the history of Marvel comics, with the first title focusing on the part that women have played over the years.

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Collectible Storage Counterfeiting on the Rise Due to High Demand
July 23, 2021
Ultra PRO recently sounded the alarm that counterfeit Ultra PRO collectible storage goods are being sold on the open market.
Silver Age Invaders' Stories Penned by Roy Thomas, Don Glut, and More; Variant Jack Kirby Cover
July 23, 2021
Marvel Comics revealed Invaders Omnibus HC , a 1152-page omnibus, for release into retail on February 23, 2022.
From Dynamite Entertainment
July 23, 2021
Here's a preview for Sonjaversal #6, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
First 'Homeworld: Revelations' RPG Products
July 23, 2021
Modiphius Entertainment has revealed the first releases for its Homeworld: Revelations tabletop role playing game.
'Star Wars Legends: The Empire Omnibus Vol. 1 HC'
July 23, 2021
Marvel Comics will release Star Wars Legends: The Empire Omnibus Vol. 1 HC to retail stores.
Brand-New 'Epic Encounters' Set by Steamforged Games
July 23, 2021
Steamforged Games will release Web of the Spider Tyrant , a new Epic Encounters set, into retail stores.
A Classic Dice Game with a 'Munchkin' Twist
July 23, 2021
Steve Jackson Games announced Munchkin Farkle , a reimagined version of the classic dice game.
Includes $30,000 Accelerator Fund for Underrepresented Communities in the Games Industry
July 23, 2021
The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has unveiled the Horizons Fellowship Program, which includes a $30,000 accelerator fund earmarked for underrepresented communities in the games industry.
Reptil, Spider-Man, Thor Take Center Stage in Kid-Friendly Trades
July 23, 2021
Marvel Comics' October solicits include three collected editions with potential appeal to readers of middle-grade graphic novels, featuring Reptil, Spider-Man, and Thor.
Marvel Continues to Expand Share Lead
July 23, 2021
Marvel Comics continued to expand its comic store market share lead over second place DC Comics in Q2 2021.