New Titles From Black Crown
July 22, 2017

San Diego Comic-Con News: IDW Publishing has announced two more releases from Shelly Bond’s Black Crown creator-owned imprint, Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez’ Assassinistas, which is due out in December and Punks Not Dead written by novelist David Barnett.

After 24 Years With Archie Comics
July 21, 2017
San Diego Comic-Con News: Sega announced today that it will be partnering with IDW Publishing to publish comics featuring Sega’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog character.
Blumhouse Will Produce, McFarlane Direct
July 21, 2017
San Diego Comic-Con News : Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn , took to his social media channels today to announce Jason Blum’s Blumhouse has signed on to produce a new Spawn feature film.
New Edition of Sci-fi Miniatures Game
July 21, 2017
Hawk Wargames will launch as a new edition of its miniatures game Dropzone Commander this year.
From the Creators of 'Rock Band'
July 21, 2017
Hasbro is giving music fans a new way to create their own music mixes in a new digitally-assisted game, DropMix.
Kicking Off a Series of Music-Themed GNs
July 21, 2017
San Diego Comic-Con News: If Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries wasn’t graphic enough in its original prose version, it should be so in Heavy Metal’s 150-page graphic novel adaptation of the rocker’s autobiographical saga of descent into drug addiction.
In Fall Season Trailers
July 21, 2017
AMC debuted new trailers for the upcoming seasons of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead .
And Promotional Pins to Support the 'Evil Batmen' One-Shots
July 21, 2017
San Diego Comic-Con News: DC Comics has unveiled images of the six Evil Batmen from the Dark Multiverse as well as the designs for promotional pins for each of these corrupt Dark Knights.
In Ares' New '4X' Game
July 21, 2017
The conquest of outer space is the theme in Master of the Galaxy , a new empire-building game from Ares Games and Russian publisher Igrology.
More Plot, Not Enough Lockjaw
July 21, 2017
Marvel Entertainment debuted a new Inhumans trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.
12-Issue Crossover By Geoff Johns Debuts on November 22
July 21, 2017
San Diego Comic-Con News : DC CCO Geoff Johns revealed more details about the Doomsday Clock crossover event that mixes heroes from the regular DCU with the Watchmen characters created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
From 'BoJack Horseman' Designer
July 20, 2017
San Diego Comic-Con News: Cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt ( Hot Dog Taste Test ), who designs the popular Netflix adult animated sitcom BoJack Horseman , is readying her first full-length original graphic novel, Coyote Doggirl.