Column by Scott Thorne
January 22, 2018

This week, Scott Thorne briefly comments on background checks for game judges, then looks at the role of designers in selling games.

Week of January 23, 2018
January 21, 2018
It’s bleak week for home entertainment releases enlivened only by the second (and perhaps final) season of the BBC’s Dirk Gently series, the first Blu-ray edition of Glen Murakami’s 2003 Teen Titans animated series, the 8th film in the Saw series, plus a disastrous film about a man-made mega-storm that is far less interesting than an anime series about the consequences of an ill-fated scheme to terraform Mars.
'12 Strong,' 'Den of Thieves' Solid--But No 2018 Film Has Hit #1 Yet
January 21, 2018
Sony’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle topped the box office for the third weekend in a row, solidifying its status as a “monster hit" as two new films debuted above modest expectations, while a new anime from a studio founded by former Ghibli animators faltered.
From Dynamite Entertainment
January 21, 2018
Here's a preview of Project Superpowers: Hero Killers TP , published by Dynamite Entertainment.
And Movie Theater Promotion Program
January 19, 2018
DC Comics will take to the airwaves to promote the New Age of DC Heroes .
Plus New Footage
January 19, 2018
Freeform has announced the debut date for Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger .
Moving to Iron Man
January 19, 2018
Writer Dan Slott is parting ways with The Amazing Spider-Man after issue #801.
'Tiny Epic Zombies'
January 19, 2018
Another title in the growing list of Tiny Epic games from Scott Almes will be released this year: Tiny Epic Zombies .
Bendis Backup Story Confirmed
January 19, 2018
Superman is getting a costume change for the 1000th issue of Action Comics .
New Party Games From Chronicle Books
January 19, 2018
Chronicle Books will be offering four new titles for its Chronicle Games line this spring.
Strategic Card Stacking Game
January 19, 2018
Evil Hat Productions will release a new card game called Greedy Dragons .
San Diego Asks for $4.6 Million in Fees
January 19, 2018
Both the organizers of San Diego Comic-Con and of Salt Lake Comic Con filed post-trial motions in federal court in California this week.