Ed Sherman of Rising Sun Creations in San Diego, California saw John Riley's comments about the limited availability of Captain America #25 (see 'Sharpening the Sword--Captain America Died') and thinks Marvel handles things poorly:


I'd like to respond to John Riley's comments on Captain America. Diamond was sold out of Captain America on Sunday night.  I always do my re-orders on Sunday night and when I went to increase my orders on Captain America #25, they were already sold out.  So obviously there were dealers who had inside information about this book.  It must be nice to have inside information like that.  There have always been extras on all of the Civil War books except this one.  Hmmmmm!  Sounds like a scandal to me.  But that is the beauty of a one distributor system!


Last night I asked myself how I could have missed ordering big on this book, so I looked in the December Marvel Previews and there was one of those black classified stamps across the content description for Captain America #25.  How silly and ignorant is that.  What other surprises await us with the other 'classified' books?


Marvel handled this poorly.  They made us retailers (with the exception of the retailers who had inside information) look like morons!  They cost us sales and hurt customers.  Let me be the first to call for the resignation of Joe Quesada.  This was a huge blunder for Marvel and the industry as a whole.  Heads need to roll for this one starting with the editor-in-chief! 


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