According to The Hollywood Reporter veteran Hollywood actors John Goodman and Susan Sarandon are in negotiations to play the parents of Speed Racer in the new anime-based live action movie that is being directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski (The Matrix).  If all goes as planned Goodman and Sarandon will portray the parents of Emile Hirsch, who won the key role of 'Speed' (see 'Lead Cast for Speed Racer'). The Wachowski's racing epic will emphasize family--Goodman will play 'Pops,' a former wrestler and founder of a racing car team, while Sarandon will be the matriarch that holds the racing clan together.


Two key roles are left to cast -- Speed's girlfriend Trixie and his mysterious archrival Racer X.  The Wachowskis plan to start shooting the summer in Germany (at the same studio they shot V for Vendetta, which they produced but didn't direct) for a release in the summer of 2008.