Viz Media announced that it will release three new volumes per month of its Naruto manga from September through December.  The increased frequency will bring the American releases up with the Japanese series before a new story arc begins with issue #28, set more than two years after the storyline ending in volume #27.  Four Naruto volumes were released in 2006, so this represents three years worth of output at the old pace in just four months.

The release schedule for the Naruto manga is as follows:
September:  Naruto Vols. 16-18

October:  Naruto Vols. 19-21

November: Naruto Vols. 22-24

December: Naruto Vols. 25-27

Shonen Jump will run new adventures of the older, taller and wiser Naruto beginning with the January 2008 issue, which should hit shelves in early December.


Viz has more Naruto releases set for the fall including, Naruto Anime Profiles: Hiden Shippu Emaki and the launch of a full-color ani-manga series based on  Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, which is set for theatrical release this summer (see 'Naruto Movie Bows in 160 Theaters').


In October Viz is releasing Uzumaki: Art of Naruto, and from their fiction line,  Naruto Mission: Protect The Waterfall Village!.  The fourth edition of Naruto Collector magazine comes out this fall and will focus on the movie and the first Naruto game for the Xbox 360.