An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 has announced the release of ICv2 Guide #47: Graphic Novels, which includes an analysis of sales and market trends during the second quarter of 2007, plus a preview of the top titles in all the major graphic novel categories that will debut during the fourth quarter, reviews by noted librarians and the ICv2 staff, as well as a profile of Joss Whedon, noted writer behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer (both on screen and on paper), the Firefly TV series and Serenity movie based on it, and who has had well-received stints writing for Astonishing X-Men and now Runaways.


The new ICv2 Guide includes a new presentation of lists of the best-selling manga titles of Q2 2007 based on bookstore sales registered by Neilson's BookScan and direct market numbers produced by ICv2 based on Diamond Comic Distributors ranked monthly lists of graphic novels.  ICv2 has also singled out new titles deemed most likely to succeed in six different categories with its 'Pick Hits to Click' designation, including manga and all manner of American graphic novel (Superhero, American Genre (Non-Superhero), as well as a section for Kids & Tweens.)  And,  The ICv2 Guide includes reviews by noted librarians and members of the ICv2 staff of graphic novels and manga.


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