The Dabel Brothers are developing a new comic book project with pop punk/emo-rock band Fall Out Boy (which is only fitting considering the band's name is based on the sidekick of The Simpsons' meta-superhero, Radioactive Man).  The as yet unnamed project will be produced in collaboration with the band with heavy involvement in particular from bassist Pete Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley. Hurley, a self confessed lifelong comics fan, noted that the project provided 'the opportunity to create different versions of ourselves and tell an interesting story at the same time.'


This is a different direction for the Dabels, who have previously concentrated on literary adaptations (most recently signing Patricia Briggs, see 'Dabel Bros. Sign Patricia Briggs').  But it is similar to other Dabel projects in that it's being done with creators who bring a built-in audience.  Infinity on High, Fall Out Boy's most recent album, debuted at #1 last year; From Under the Cork Tree, its predecessor, sold over three million copies.  The Dabels described the Fall Out Boy project as 'the first in an entirely new line of books that goes beyond... literary adaptations.' 


Dabel Brothers Business Director Rich Young negotiated the agreement with the band, which calls for multiple issues of the new comic book series, to debut later this year.


Comics with rock star pedigrees, once considered lightweight trash at best, have recently gotten a different reaction--witness the stellar reception accorded to Dark Horse's The Umbrella Academy, created by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.  This creates a favorable environment for the launch of this new title, especially in comic stores.