Marvel Editor C.B. Cebulski has posted two Spider-Man images created by manga-ka Junko Mizuno on his Website, saying that he was “dying to post these pages…but as the project hasn’t been officially announced yet, I can only give you a sneak peak of this upcoming Marvel/Mizuno madness.”


Mizuno is one of the most eccentric and innovative manga-kas working in Japan and by giving her images a pop art/psychedelic edge she successfully walks the tightrope between fine art and commercial creation and gets gallery shows as well as prime gigs such as illustrating the monthly horoscopes in Shojo Beat.  She was one of the first to juxtapose cuteness and Gothic elements to create a “kawaii noir” style.


Viz Media has published a number of volumes of Mizuno’s work including Cinderella (2002), Hansel & Gretel (2003), Princess Mermaid (2003), and Junko Mizuno’s Illustration Book (2003).  Last Gasp published her manga Pure Trance in 2005.