This chart of the ICv2 Top 20 Anime Properties reflects sales in all channels in May, June, and the first half of July 2008.  The Top 25 chart is based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.







   Property  Publisher  Format  Rating
 1  Batman: Gotham Knight  Warner Bros.  Movie  PG-13
 2  Dragon Ball Z  FUNimation  TV  TV-PG
 3  Naruto  Viz Media  TV  16+
 4  Death Note   Viz Media  TV  16+
 5  Pokemon  Viz Media  TV  All Ages
 6  Afro Samurai  FUNimation  TV Mini  TV-MA
 7  Devil May Cry  FUNimation  TV  TV-MA
 8  Vexille  FUNimation  Movie  PG-13
 9  Appleseed Ex-Machina  Warner Bros.  Movie  PG-13
 10  Bleach  Viz Media  TV  13+
 11  Witchblade  FUNimation  TV  TV-MA
 12  Shin Chan  FUNimation  TV  TV-MA
 13  One Piece  FUNimation  TV  TV-14
 14  Fullmetal Alchemist  FUNimation  Movie  TV-PG
 15  Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children  Sony  Movie  13+
 16  Aquarion  FUNimation  TV  TV-PG
 17  Black Blood Brothers  FUNimation  TV  TV-MA
 18  Howl’s Moving Castle  Buena Vista  Movie  13+
 19  xxxHOLIC  FUNimation  TV  TV-PG
 20  Tsubasa  FUNimation  TV  TV-PG
 21  Voltron  Media Blasters  TV  
 22  Black Cat  FUNimation  TV  TV-14
 23  Lucky Star  Bandai  TV  PG-13
 24  Full Metal Panic: Second Raid  FUNimation  TV  TV-PG
 25  Gurren Lagann  Bandai  TV  PG-13


For more information on the anime market in early summer 2008, see “FUNimation Anime Share Nearly One Third.”


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