FUNimation has acquired “varied” North American rights to Katsuhiro (Akira) Otomo’s Mushi-Shi live action feature.  Special effects are by Nobuaki Koga, who contributed to Neon Genesis Evangelion.  The film will be released on DVD by FUNimation Films in 2009.


Mushishi has had a number of festival showings, including a world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, plus showings at Sundance, Toronto and Sitges International Film Festivals. 


The story, based on the manga (see “Del Rey Acquires Five Manga Series”), is of a “bugmaster” who goes from town to town helping people with unique, eerie problems. 


FUNimation also has the Mushishi anime rights in North America (see “FUNimation Announces Mushishi”).