The Anime News Network is reporting (via Moon Phase) that Sunrise Animation (Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Witch Hunter Robin) is producing a new anime series based on Black God (Kurokami), a manga series by Korean author Dall-young Lim and artist Sung-woo Park that is published in Square Enix’s Young GanGan manga anthology magazine.  Yen Press publishes the Black God manga in the U.S. and the fourth volume in the series is due to be released here on October 28th (the ongoing series has reached 8 volumes in Japan so far).


According to ANN Tsuneo Kobayashi (Emma, The 12 Kingdoms) is directing the new anime series from scripts by Reiko Yoshida (The Story of Saiunkoku).  Black God is supernaturally-tinged seinen fantasy about an ordinary computer programmer who meets a comely, but always hungry girl, who turns out to be a Mototsumitama or “guardian of the coexistence equilibrium,” who is quite naturally under attack by mysterious forces seeking to destabilize the universe.